Judith Siegmund :: Visual Art, Conceptual Art, Philosophy

"Send My Regards to the Fallen Angel"

DVD (21,5 min) 2006

I developed the film script for the video from interviews with female sex workers and their customers. Four actors play the roles characterized in this film script. Two questions were of particular relevance in this case: First, what possibilities exist for representing the customers? And second, what could signify self-confident behavior within the difficult situation of coercive prostitution that would not play down the representation of such a situation?

Judith Siegmund


Nina: Anna Zhara
Sven (pimp): Aleksey Nesterov
Hannes: Andreas Rüdiger
Wolfgang (friend): Veit Stiller
Camera: Arne Hector
Editing: Klaus Michalek
Sound/Lighting: Minze Tummescheit/André Piontek
Direction: Gudrun Herrbold
Makeup: Sandra Specht
Organization: Aleksandra Olszewska
Music: “Zhenya” Yurriy Gurzhy, RotFront