Judith Siegmund :: Visual Art, Conceptual Art, Philosophy

Social Noises G8 Heiligendamm

(DVD, 21,5min) 2006


The G8 Summit and Counter-Summit is producing an interesting situation in Rostock and Heiligendamm, because groups that otherwise have no contact have met unavoidably. “Art Goes Heiligendamm” also brought people to Rostock – artists, who act internationally. In the video “Soziale Geräusche G8 Heiligendamm,” I deal with the unique situation of this encounter. In preparation for the exhibition, I interviewed 19 local residents from Rostock and the area around Heiligendamm about the circumstances and topics of the G8 Summit. With the camera running, I asked them what they think about the contents of the summit conference and about the criticism from its opponents. I show the diverse reports and statements arranged into eight thematic sections: the fence, the area, the location, safety, globalization, poverty, money and democracy. Among other things, I am interested in allowing regional perspectives to infiltrate the global context of art.

Judith Siegmund (taz)