Judith Siegmund :: Visual Art, Conceptual Art, Philosophy


(Artist Interviews, Questionnaries, Sign Installation, Berlin/Prishtina) 2001

In Pristina, Judith Siegmund continued her project "Social Noises," on which she has been working continuously since 1993. In order to do so, she travelled to Pristina for the first time. There, she developed questions she had posed to people in both Pristina and Berlin, working in a process-oriented manner, and basing her approach on the location itself. In this context, she is interested not in sociological evaluations; her intentions are instead to confront visitors with statements by natives of the country and by foreigners as well, allowing them to search for answers. It was of interest to read, for example, the range of responses elicited by the terms "east" and "eastern" among interviewees in Berlin and in Pristina.

Barbara RĂ¼th (Now, catalogue on artistic exchange, 2001)